Antonia designs and etches plant forms into glass and mirror using stencil and sandblasting techniques that frost the glass and diffuse light. Her unique compositions capture incidental forms of the floral world, etched into the glass surface as either negative or positive images.

When glass is etched by the process of sandblasting, the surface areas are abraded by fine grit forced by a jet of compressed air which causes it to become opaque. As light passes through it is diffused. By applying temporary stencil masks to the surface and cutting away specific areas to expose the glass to sandblasting, it is the contrast between opaque and clear glass that defines the design. Designs appear as either negative, whereby the image remains as clear glass against an opaque background, or positive – the design is etched upon a clear background.  Full opacity can be achieved by fully etching the reverse side of a design whether positive or negative, creating a more subtle impact. Delicate imagery in the negative creates a greater amount of privacy where required, as well as helping to obscure unsightly views.

All forms of glazing lend themselves to being etched and creating interest within a space, whether to create full or partial privacy or just for decoration.

Only toughened or laminated glass is used for all projects, from a minimum of 4mm thick.

Designs can also be applied to mirrored glass by etching away areas of the reverse side, allowing light to diffuse through to the front. Whether mounted in frames or standoff wall fixings, or used as glazing in cabinetry, etched mirror can create a visual and elegant impact, enhancing a sense of space and light.



Commissioning and ordering



These are produced to order, either specific to existing designs and dimensions as shown in the portfolio or as a bespoke design to suit individual requirements.  A wide choice of frames are available, and the addition of a bevelled edge can further enhance the mirror.  Framing may be left out altogether, and the edges of the mirror can be rounded and polished smooth for a simple minimal look with hidden fixings attached behind.

Lead time is approximately two to three weeks, and up to four weeks for an antiqued mirror.



When commissioning etched designs for windows or screens, various factors need to be taken into consideration and more detailed information can be provided immediately upon request.

Lead time for bespoke glazing is approximately four to six weeks

A 40% deposit is required for all commissioned work with remainder due on completion.



Glass cannot be sent in the post! However well packaged, the risk of damage is too great and it is therefore advisable to arrange collection in person or delivery by direct courier.

Enquiries are welcome from interior professionals, architects, retailers,  by email or phone.