Etched Glass

Whether it is a window, a glazed door, balustrade, glass table top or a shower screen, etching the glass by sandblasting through stencils,  creates interesting surface decoration and diffuses the light passing through, further more throwing shadowy patterns onto the adjacent walls and floor.

Designs can either be etched as ‘positive’,  creating a delicate or bold frosted image across the surface upon a clear background. Alternatively, by etching in the ‘negative’, the design remains as clear glass upon a frosted background. This works well for delicate images which can  show sharply contrasted against an opaqued etched background. It also, depending on the amount of etched surface area, creates privacy where required.

Both sides of the glass can be etched for total opacity, the design appearing as a subtle silhouette in the glass.

In all applications, only toughened or laminated glass is used.